Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bridge Porn: Tilikum Crossing; The Bridge Of The People, under construction.

From the Ross Island Bridge

The Tilikum crossing bridge, or "Bridge of the people," is still under construction, but I figured I'd get some pictures of it, anyway.   The Oregonian did a write up on it, a while back, but basically, this bridge is a foot traffic/MAX line, as well as Portland Streetcar, and bus traffic bridge that Tri-Met added.  It will be the first multi-modal bridge in the United States. 

Its design, known as a cable-stay suspension, reminds me of the Anzac Bridge, in Sydney, Australia.  It will not allow for regular passenger cars.  It is our first new bridge since 1973, when the Fremont was completed.

My adventure partner in crime.

Slightly off topic, but interesting things from the Ross Island.  I'm easily distracted.

Is that algae, or silt?  What IS that?

From Terwilliger.  I couldn't resist the tram photo bomb.  I wish I could get a clear shot of it without the tram cables obscuring it, from there.

From the Esplanade.

Of Bridges Past...

Juxtaposition, and temporary guardrail.

That was about as close as I could get to the span.